What to pack in your hospital bag can be a little daunting, especially if it is your first baby.  It’s not quite the same as packing for a weekend away where you pack seven pairs of shoes and decide on the evening what to wear.  There’s usually an issue with space in most hospitals so you need to try and be as compact as possible without packing too little either.


I personally had a bag for the labour ward and one for the hospital stay.  If I did end up staying longer than expected , I had some clothes for baby and myself ready at home for my husband to take along if we needed them.


The Yummy Mum hospital bag has all your essentials.  I have tried and tested everything in the bag and loved it – that’s why it’s there!  There are of course little extras that some people like to take and that’s a personal choice.  I created the Yummy Mum Hospital Bag with every Mum in mind and have extra items available on our website if you require more items in your bag.


The Hospital Bag:


I love this one from Baby Be Mine Maternity, its 100% cotton canvas, with a beautiful unique design and so handy for the labour ward.

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cellular blanket

Mama Designs Cellular Blanket

The Cellular Blanket:  I have used so many cellular blankets in my house over the years.  They are a must in hospitals in Ireland due to the fact that they are safe and breathable for baby, the tiny holes allow air to circulate  and protect your baby from overheating.

Our premium hospital bag comes with my favourite premium brand blanket from  Mama Designs, this blanket feels super soft and looks high end but it doesn’t break the bank, its also very durable.

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For our standard  hospital bag , I tried and tested a lot of blankets!  I sent two box fulls back to the factory because – did you know 100%  cotton is not necessarally mean soft cotton?  The best blankets I found I have used in my standard bag and they are Lilly & Dan!  Yes these blankets really are amazing quality for the price and they last so well.



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Baby Be Mine Maternity

Baby Gown: Our premium bag comes with a beautiful baby receiving gown for baby from Baby Be Mine Maternity.  Its perfect for those first pictures and comes with fold over cuffs and matching hat!  It has no buttons to allow easy access changing for Mum and maximum comfort for your newborn.







baby towel, 100% cotton baby towel, Baby towel:  Our premium bag comes with a super soft 100% cotton towel for your beautiful newborn.







socks for labour ward, labour socks, maternity socks, baby be mine maternityLabour Socks: Your feet get really cold in labour – FACT!  Our premium bag comes with gorgeous snug labour socks from Baby Be Mine Maternity!  Cosy feet until you meet!






Muslin cloth bag for newborn baby, muslin cloth, hospital bag, pregnancy giftMuslins Cloths:  You will use a lot of these!  Our premium bag comes with two 100% cotton muslins, breathable and soft.  Perfect for swaddling, burping &  feeding!






naif baby skincare, skincare for newborn, newborn shampoo, milestone card,

Naif Baby Skin Care Kit:  I know how important it is too look after your beautiful newborns delicate brand new skin and that’s why all our pre-packed hospital bags comes with a Naif skin care kit for baby.  I used Naif on my babies from when they were born until now and I love it!  Naif products are made using only natural ingredients and no nonsense.  Our Naif kit comes with body lotion for your newborns skin, Shampoo, Cleansing wash gel, Nurturing cream and diaper cream!  It also comes with an organic cotton bib from Imps and Elves and a unique milestone card!





Flip Flops:  In every bag, a necessity for that glorious 5 minute shower!

Baby Comforter: Well we just had to!  My little girl is now three and goes nowhere without her little comforter.  Soft and comforting and a gorgeous keepsake that your baby will love and smell forever!  For every baby in every bag!

Brush and comb set: For that beautiful soft first baby hair!  For every baby in every bag!



babys first print, inkless print kit, pregnancy gift


Baby inkless print kit:  I absolutely love this idea, no mess, no actual ink, but you can capture the moment and take your baby’s footprints on the day they were born!  What a fabulous keepsake!  This comes in all  our Premium Pre-Packed Hospital bags.








birthing plan, hospital bag, birthing plan for labour ward

Yummy Mum Birthing Plan: A great addition to your hospital bag giving you the opportunity to plan ahead for all your needs in the labour ward!

Mums toiletries:  Nivea shower cream, cleansing wipes, deodorant, moisturiser and lip balm.  Toothbrush and toothpaste.  Hairbrush, Maternity pads and breast pads.

Baby:  Waterwipes, Pampers newborn nappies.

Dad: Polo mints




packing your hospital bag


  • Your Nightdress,PJ’s,delivery gown, Slippers and nightgown.
  • Some baby grows and vests for baby, we have one outfit for baby in our Premium Hospital bag including a hat and fold over cuffs for babys hands.  You will need about 5 vests and babygrows for baby.
  • Hat and mittens – usually one set will suffice – I especially reccommend the mittens as sometimes newborns can have very long nails which can scratch their beautiful skin.
  • Nursing bra x 2  – these are so handy especially if you are a first time Mum.
  • Nipple cream – I have brought nipple cream to the hospital and never used it , that is why I havn’t included it in our Hospital Bag.  Personally, I didn’t use nipple cream until after my milk came in and feeding was established.  However I am aware that some Mums use it even before they give birth which is why I have it on this list!
  • Extra toiletries, make up or medication of your own.  We have included all the necessities but you may have some personal extras you need to add.





  • Anything white – need I say more?  Don’t bring anything white unless you are happy never to wear it again.
  • A large quantity of makeup – Forget the Pinterest pictures of beautiful Mamas after giving birth, they probably had hair and make up into the hospital to sort it for them.  This time is for you and your baby, maybe bring a few essentials so you feel good but realistically there’s no time for full on glam when your taking care of a newborn and getting much needed rest.
  • Pre-Pregnancy clothes, yes you will have given birth but even the most health conscious Mum who put on no weight during pregnancy is going to have a post baby belly.  Don’t put yourself under that pressure and bring some comfy maternity clothes to wear at the hospital and for the trip home.
  • A breast pump – your milk won’t come in for a few days so a breast pump is unnecessary for your hospital stay.
  • Baby Toys – Your newborn will eat, sleep, poop, repeat.  Being with their Mum is all the entertainment they need!


Best of luck with it all ladies and let me know if you have any tips you would like to share, Carol x

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