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new years resolution for pregnancy

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    new years resolution for pregnancy

    Never apologise for being sick at the site or smell of the most random food or for making strange noises when you bend.

  2. Enjoy every single special tiny flutter, kick and belly roll.
  3. Remember every single day that you are amazing, your body is amazing and you are on a daily basis preforming a little miracle growing a tiny human.
  4. Do not feel guilty for putting your feet up, resting and sleeping for as long as you wish.
  5. Waddle with style, embrace your bump and make the effort because when you look good you feel good.
  6. Exercise –  do a little every day, your body will thank you in the labour ward.
  7. Always know the location of the nearest bathroom.
  8. Say yes to cravings! (Sometimes) It’s okay to give in but know your limits , your baby won’t thank you for 3 litres of sugary drinks in 24 hours!
  9. Indulge – Relax, take time out, make time for you and spend time doing what you enjoy.
  10. Be prepared – Educate yourself, attend your anti natal classes, know what to expect in the labour ward and take the time to do a birthing plan.
  11. I know I said ten but hey – enjoy every single moment , believe it or not you will miss that bump even when your holding your beautiful baby in your arms.

Love Carol x

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