Hardback top tips gift book


Mum to Mum, Pass it on: hardback top tips gift book

Mum to Mum is a delightful award-winning full colour book containing over 160 practical tips and inspirations to comfort and guide a mum-to-be or new mother.

All the best words of wisdom from experienced mums are collected together in this delightful little book, sharing tips and advice to make life that little bit easier during pregnancy and motherhood. Ideal for a handy bedside pick-me-up when a mum is tired and overwhelmed and in need of a little thought gem to keep her going.

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Readers are treated to a tip per page, making the book easy to dip into when a little guiding light is needed. From time and money saving tips and gentle ways of steering your child towards good eating and sleeping routines, to coping with the mountain of advice offered. Sections on: birth, feeding, weaning, changing, clothing, sleeping, playing, learning, travel and you. With a section for mums with twins.

A thoughtful gift to celebrate pregnancy, a baby shower, or new baby celebration.

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Example Contents:

  • BIRTH – Ask the midwife to pace your new born baby on your stomach after birth to allow skin to skin contact …
  • CLOTHING – Clothes can fit again once your toddler stops wearing nappies so don’t be too keen to get rid of those little outfits.
  • SLEEPING – Buy a basic monitor. You don’t need a video screen, music, intercom or lights because you will never use them.
  • LEARNING – Leave nursery school with conviction when you drop your child off – say goodbye and don’t linger as this may upset your child.
  • TRAVEL – Take a spare set of clothes for your child (and you if possible) on day trips. You will need them on at least one occasion!
  • YOU – Let yourself ask for help. It could be the best thing you ever do.



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